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  • If you are interested in Dental Implantations, Dental Prosthetics and aesthetic Dental Medicine, you made the perfect choice by visiting implakom. We have specialised in high-quality Dental Implantations and Dental Prosthetics and we offer first-class treatment at reasonable prices. It will not take you more than a few minutes in front of your screen to get an overall impression and valuable information. Being informed about our field of specialisation will increase your quality of life and will save you money and time.


Implantology denotes the science of Dental Implantations, our core competency. Implantations are artificial dental roots (Subconstructions). Dental Prosthetics are the crowns sitting on top (Superconstructions). Dental Implantations, artificial roots, are pins made of tissue-compatible Titanium. They are 8–16mm long and have a diameter of 3–6mm. We only apply Implantation-Systems of world-leading producers at implakom. Dental prosthetics we apply are mostly made of the most recent ceramic material almost perfectly matching the original. We also apply synthetic material. At implakom we use high quality products (international supplier) for crowns, bridges and dental prosthetics but we also cooperate with local dental technicians (local suppliers).


On Implantations: 5 years warranty.
On crowns: 3 years warranty for Ceramic and Synthetic material.

Cosmetic Dentistry

With beatiful teeth you are attractive and you have success

Cavity Therapy

Functional teeth serve the health and well-being

Dental Implants

Replace missing teeth and serve the well-being and positiv charisma

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